Four Manassas VA Restaurants

Four Manassas VA Restaurants And A Bonus To Help You Find The Best Place

It is time to take an even closer look at Manassas VA. I gave you four of the top restaurants in the city last round, and this time, I am going to give you four and a bonus. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a restaurant that serves up your favorite foods. There are still many more of the 250 Manassas restaurants to explore, so let’s get to it already.

The Bone is on Battle Street, and soul food is served up there. You are talking about ribs, collard greens, potato salad, pulled pork and more. One reviewer also talks about a smoked turkey sandwich, and another one talks about a meat platter with three different meats. Now that’s what I’m talking about when it comes to barbecue. What three meats would you expect to get on your plate at The Bone? I would hope that brisket would be one.

Monza is the next restaurant I’m going to feature in Manassas VA, and what do you know, it is also on Battle Street. Monza is an establishment that serves up Italian cuisine favorites like lasagna, pizza, salads and even curly fries. You might not consider curly fries to be an Italian food favorite, but they do sound good. One reviewer talks about an outdoor dining area accompanied by live music. Now that is a great meal, as long as it is not too loud for you to still be able to talk to the people you are with.

City Tavern is the next restaurant that I am going to highlight, and Center Street is the location of this establishment. According to menu highlights and reviews, this place is a good for having brunch, specifically prime rib, salad, potato skins and all kinds of great foods. Are you hungry yet? This restaurant also has an outdoor patio just like the last one.

Remember this time I am going give you four restaurants and a bonus. There are two more left, and the first is Glory Days Grill. Glory Days Grill is located on Liberia Avenue, and it is known for wings, steak, salad and more. It is said to be a great place for sports fans. I am going to close with the bonus pick, and it is High Grain Bread Company. It is located on Sudley Manor Drive, and it is great place to get sandwiches for lunch. I see donuts, too.